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Bracelets without mandala, made of natural stones and minerals.
They interact through the energy and properties of the mineral.

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65,00 zł

Original bracelet with a mandala "Third Eye Chakra" surrounded by beautiful faceted sodalite stones (10 mm) and hematite discs. The pendant is two-sided - always visible. The size of the mandala motif is 14 mm. Size: on the wrist approx. 16-17 cm.

98,00 zł

New energetic "Om chakras healing" bracelet, created with the intention of harmonizing all the chakras. There are natural stones in the colors representing the individual chakras and the mandala-bead OM - the divine sound, the vibration. Size 18-19 cm.

89,00 zł 98,00 zł

A beautiful and unique bracelet with a mandala "Tree of Gratitude" surrounded by a 10 mm red crystal. Showing gratitude changes the heart of the one who shows it. And then this alchemical transformation takes place and the process of growth and development begins. Size on the wrist approx. 16 cm. The size of the 16 mm mandala theme. .

69,00 zł

Beautiful unisex bracelet with a mandala "Flower of Life" surrounded by a beige jasper. Mandala is placed on both sides of the base.

45,00 zł

Delicate and feminine bracelet with a mandala "Connetion in infinity". Made by hand with a string of olive-colored jewelry. Adjustable. At the end, two hematite balls in silver.

65,00 zł

Energetic bracelet with a mandala "Tree of Power" surrounded by beautiful chrysocolla 10 mm and lapis lazuli 8 and 10 mm. The size of the mandala motif is 16 mm. Binding in silver. It beautifully composes color with the mandala. Size: on the wrist 16-17 cm.

119,00 zł

Delicate and refreshing as a transparent fluorite bracelet with mandala "Green Lotus - Heals Myself". Fluorite in shades of green beautifully matching mandala not only in color but also with its unique medicinal properties. Size: 18-19 cm. Customizable.

109,00 zł

Bracelet with "Chakro-Transformation" mandala surrounded by 8 mm malachite stones. On a green jewelry cord. Adjustable size. The mandala is located on both sides of the base. The size of the 14 mm mandala.

69,00 zł

Protective bracelet with turmaline stones (8mm) and mandala "Crystal Shield" (14 mm). Strong combination of protective mandala and stone with protective power. Size 18-19 cm.

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