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Bracelets without mandala, made of natural stones and minerals.
They interact through the energy and properties of the mineral.

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65,00 zł

A minimalist handmade bracelet made of a moonstone nugget and beads. On a gray twisted cord, adjustable size. Stainless steel moon motif. Beautiful and durable. For everyday wear and to radiate its feminine lunar nature.

45,00 zł

Delicate and feminine mandalette "Now I am myself". I remind you of your talents, independence and the fact that it is always worth being only yourself ". Made by hand from a blue jewelry string. Adjustable size. The size of the 14 mm mandala theme.

119,00 zł

A bracelet made of minerals designed to see the bright sides of life, rebuild optimism, and strengthen emotional balance. Find joy and enthusiasm. And if you are an optimist, your optimism may even deepen :).

98,00 zł

An original, triple, hand-made bracelet with a "Crystal Shield" mandala. Made of black jewelry string, thong and matt black onyxes (6 mm). Very comfortable, practical and durable. Size on the wrist from 19 cm and more. Adjustable with a braided zip. 14 mm mandala theme.

49,00 zł

Mineral bracelet with agate, lapis lazuli and hematites. A bracelet that balances all our spheres. Soothes and silences. The colors of the higher chakras dominate it.

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