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Bracelets without mandala, made of natural stones and minerals.
They interact through the energy and properties of the mineral.

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65,00 zł

Energetic bracelet, handmade, with original 7 chakra mandalas, framed in silver color. Made with the intention of balancing all chakras to bring balance and harmony at all levels of our lives.

69,00 zł

Beautiful royal amethyst bracelet with "I Love Myself" mandala. The pendant is on both sides of the base. This is very practical, because by moving your hand, it will always be visible on the hanging mandala. Size: 18-19 cm. On elastomie (highest quality jeweler's gum).

75,00 zł

Energetic bracelet with mandala "Crown chakra" made of mountain crystal and one hematite stone. Size for wrist -: 17-18 cm. 

59,00 zł

A red bracelet with a "Chakra Basis" mandala surrounded by precious jade (10mm) and gold hematite. The pendant is two-sided - always visible. Size: on the wrist 16-17 cm. Customizable. Give the circumference of your wrist in the message to the order.

69,00 zł

Bracelet with mandala Throat Chakra in turquoise. Size: for wrist ap. 16 cm. Size of balls 10 mm. Mandala on both sides of the base. This is very practical, because moving your hand will always be visible on the mandala

119,00 zł

Beautiful bracelet with a mandala "Teraz Jestem Sobą" surrounded by an ethereal rainbow fluorite (10 mm) - one of my most beloved stones. Universal size adjustable with a string from a circumference of 16 cm. The double base is placed on each side of the mandala.

109,00 zł

Sensual bracelet with a "Yonizating" mandala in a beautiful setting of lapis lazuli 8 mm and a pale pink 10 mm jade. Base with double mandala. Mandala visible on both sides. The size of the 16 mm mandala theme. The size of the bracelet: on the wrist 16-17 cm. Customizable.

59,00 zł

Optimistic bracelet with a mandala "Tree of Good Wishes" surrounded by beautiful malachite stones (8 mm spheres). The double base on both sides has a mandala. On the jewelry elastic. The size of the bracelet: on the wrist about 16 cm. Customizable.

45,00 zł

Delicate and feminine bracelet with the "Heart Fulfillment" mandala. Made by hand with a string of olive-colored jewelry. Adjustable. At the end, two balls in silver.

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