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Base chakras are related to physical needs and basic human survival. Has the lowest frequency of vibration from all chakras, emanates red spectrum color. Mandala painted with stained paint, diameter 20 cm. Copywright©

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The Swadhisthana chakra, the second cruciform chakra, is placed around the abdominal plexus and genitals. Its name means "the place where the Self inhabits." It is associated with the element of water - the essence of life. Copywright©

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Manipura is the Sanskrit name of the solar plexiglass and means "glittering jewel". Emanates yellow as the sun. It is a ten-lotus lotus, inside which is a triangle pointing downwards with three signs symbolizing the fire. Copyright© 

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The fourth chakra is located in the middle of the chest, mediating between the spirit world and the world of matter. Through this chakra, we make a tender and loving relationship of love with other people. Copywright©

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The throat chakra is the first of the higher energy centers associated with communication, self expression and sound creation. The Sanskrit name Vishuddha or purification, is the key to understanding this communication. Copywright©

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Adżna means to perceive, know, reign. While physical eyes are our tools for perceiving tangible things, the sixth chakra, or "third eye," gives us the ability to intuitively grasp things without specific proof. Everyday we know about irrational things we call premonitions. Copywright©

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The crown chakra, the seventh chakra - the beginning and the end of the journey, the re-birth to the constant search for new experiences. Having awakened your head crown chakra, we open up the possibility of reaping the benefits of unlimited space and time and of divine wisdom and understanding. Copywright©

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This mandala pulses with the energy of all chakras in harmony and balance. It helps in aligning them, arranging and slowly raising the energy up. Mandala includes a set of rainbow colors, which has particularly healing properties. Mandala painted with stained paint, diameter 21 cm. Copywright©

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Tree of good wishes. Mandala on the glass radiates the electrical energy of the greatest wishes alone, colorful wishes, multicolored, merry, playful, joyful and sensitive. It introduces a sense of care and protection and lively creative energy. Copywright©

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